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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Today in History-1885... A man was sentenced to death for the murder of a woman he worked for. He continuously claimed his innocence. Mr. Lee (the convicted) stood upon the gallows to have his hanging execution performed. When the lever to drop the floor out from under him was pulled, nothing happened.   The Gallows were tested several times. He was taken to his fate again, the lever pulled, and, again, nothing happened. More tests...Mr. Lee, again lead to complete the directed execution, the lever pulled again...and he remained on the platform.

The powers that be were dumbfounded, ascribed the miracle as an act of God, commuted Mr. Lee's sentence to life. After 22 years, he was released and he emigrated to the United States. And died at the age of 80 in 1945.

What happened at the gallows was never discovered. And the 'Act of God' execution stay has never been instituted again.

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  1. I did forget to mention the only evidence that was produced that Mr. Lee was guilty is that the woman was discovered in a pantry next door to the room of the accused.

  2. The big think question...What is this world coming to???