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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grandma Daisy Earrings

Spring has sprung. I am looking out my window at the tulips and daffodils, the new leaf growth on the trees, the bees buzzing from tulip to daffodil to violet. The little birds flitting between the new leaves on the trees and the bird feeders. Pollen, thanks to the buzzing bees, is covering everything. I love that look. Not really into the sneezing and itchy eyes though.

Spring makes me want to see every flower on the planet at the same time. What is your favorite flower? What is mine? I wonder. I do have a soft spot for the simple flowers. For instance, the daisy. Although they have so many petals, each one appears to be identical and each daisy appears to be identical, but are they? Are they more like zebras? Zebras look alike to us, yet they are different when it comes right down to it. Other zebras know which is their mother, which ones belong in their family. Is it the same with flowers?

Natural daisies come in many different colors and shapes and sizes. Man made daisies also come in different colors and sizes. One of my favorites (or shall I say two of my favorites) are a pair from my grandmother's collection. This pair of daisy earrings are a beautiful combination of pastels enameled onto each individual petal. A very unique pair of flowers, a very unique pair of earrings. 

Daisies not your favorite? Do a search for your favorite. Click Here. Have Fun Searching!

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