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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dream Wedding

As most people my age (at the time) and those older and younger…um…okay…

As many people did on this day in 1981, I watched the Wedding of the  Century. Prince Charles (not my first choice of prince, but, geez, he was a prince!) married Lady Diana Spencer. It was everyone’s dream. Well, I guess I can’t speak for the guys, but I am pretty sure that any girl, especially one in her mid- to late teens, would have changed places with Diana, even if Charles didn’t look like his brother Andrew.

As it turned out, Diana and Charles weren’t ‘made for each other’ but it did allow Diana to be able to do what she wanted helping children and the underprivileged throughout the world. I think if it weren’t for Diana being the way she was, her sons, William and Harry would not be having as easy a time with their ‘love lives’.   Even thought Diana was a Lady, I think she was more commoner than royal. She was down to earth and her children seem to be seeking out that same characteristic in the girls they are currently (occasionally) dating.  I wish them all well.

I just have one question, where is my Knight in Shining Armor? I found his oil can.

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