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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gidget II

Today, I put Gidget on for my niece and nephew to watch. I only put it on to tease mom. Grandma, I had said, was the same age as these girls were when this movie was originally released. Grandma acted just like them.  

After getting back up off the floor from being pushed off the sofa and laughing so hard. I said okay, she didn’t live near the beach. Grandma stepped in and said she did NOT act like that. I pointed out the clothes and and Mom admitted that she did dress like that, like the way the jeans were rolled up, and like the bobby socks were.

Funny, the girl who was raised and thrives on horror/slasher flicks, liked it. We had to go do some fun stuff for the day, but maybe we will finish the movie later, she hopes. Maybe there is hope for her yet!!!  Where’s my copy of Tammy and the Bachelor and, oooh, maybe Charade… 

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