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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Flat, Fatz, Fates

Yesterday, after perusing the refrigerator, freezer and cupboards, Mom and I decided to go out for half a free meal from Fatz (she got a e-coupon for her birthday). When we drove into the parking lot, Mom drove over a nearly invisible, black enemy, which pierced our tire causing it to go flat nearly immediately. People stared, including myself, to try and figure out what the noise was. I thought one of the semis in the lot was blowing out hydraulics or something.  Nope, it was air, nitrogen, if that makes a difference, spewing quickly out of the tire.

Drat, where are the cell phones?? Drat, where is my motor club card? Drat, what else can go wrong?

We went into the restaurant and one of the waitresses offered us a phone book and her cell phone. We were able to call Fates Emergency Services who would be able to be by in about 45 minutes. Perfect, we can eat and then get the tire changed.

It took a bit longer for our knight in red shining armor, to arrive, but happily, he knew exactly what he was doing.  He found the spare tire (under the front seats?!? Really?) got it out, changed the tire, replaced the spare tire holder (not that easy!) and got the flat into the trunk. All with a wonderful smile, a few chuckles and flirt or two.

Thanks Fatz, Fates and all the people in the parking lot who offered to help!

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