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Saturday, August 7, 2010


Today is my mother's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Even though she is 68 today, I will always think of her as in her upper 30's. I think that is when I first was aware of Mom being a person, that has birthdays and not just a mom that was always just there.

One of my favorite birthday gifts I gave to my mother I gave to her on MY birthday. Does that sound self-centered, that I remember this particular gift and it wasn't even her birthday? Oh, well, I don't.  It was a birthday of a time that I was not living at home. I sent her a cobalt blue Kenmore stand mixer. Her favorite color. We still have that mixer and we use it lovingly often.

Remember, get something nice for your mom for her birthday, for if she were never born, you wouldn't have been! Have no money, like me? A card and a big hug go a long way!

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