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Thursday, March 3, 2011

CNN Poll

Today on its poll, CNN basically asked if 'you' had ever reconnected with someone on the internet who turned out to be awkward or creepy. I answered yes. I am not one to be creeped out and tell so I won't say. Besides, I don't think he/she knows.

How do you ditch those scary people. I think the first time (BFb) I just stopped answering the emails. Luckily this person either found someone else to creep out or some other bizarre reason that even they couldn't tell you. Now, with Fb and and other social sites it is harder to 'disappear'. If you 'unfriend' the awkward relationship chances are the ditch-ee will quickly discover it and ask to refriend and if you don't you can't just say, I never got that email, it must have been sent directly to spam. There is also the chance, if they are really creepy, begin to stalk your other friends.

I wonder when the first restraining order to stay three friends-of-friends away from someone will be?

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  1. I remember someone finding me on facebook from my skating days. The weird thing was is that I did not remember him too much except that he "dated" a friend of mine and wanted me to convince this friend to contact him. I guess he made her feel funny because she defriended him. It made him mad. He wanted me to give him my phone number because he "hated" typing in the IM box. No way jose.