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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Are you?

Thinking back 10, 15, 20 years, oh, poop, 30 years ago(already??), are you where you, right now, where you thought you would be? Are you who you thought you would be?

In high school I wanted to be an actress...I never told anyone that. I tried out for one play and did not make the rolls. Did that crush my dream? No. But I didn't try out for another play, but I still wanted to be work in the theater. 30 years later, I am not working as an actress.

20 years ago, I wanted to run the family business forever. I wanted to expand it and live in the middle of the woods for the rest of my life. Now, the family business was sold and I no longer live on the lake. A sad thing but the urge, desire to own my own business is still smoldering.

10 years ago I had a blank slate. I could do anything I wanted, go anywhere, be anyone. By chance, fate moved me from the beach to the mountains. I spent time breathing fresh mountain air, experiencing nature in a way that I hadn't before. I also had troubles finding employment. A trade off? Maybe. Luckily walking in the woods watching waterfalls is free.

How is your hindsight vision. Can you see the tree for the forest? The sand for the beach?

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