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Saturday, October 15, 2011


The other night I did something. I am embarrassed that I had devolved to the level that I did.

I began this down slide trying to look out for myself (and in the long run others) and instead turned into a raving lunatic yelling at a perfect stranger. Without specifics I tried to enforce rules. I got yelled at, was called names and turned into a wobbly jumble of goo trying to defend myself and the rules.

What did I get out of it? A bad night's sleep thinking that I was going to be the victim of retaliation in the night.

Why are rules and laws created? They are very often overlooked and unenforced (unenforcable, too?) with the logic that since no one says anything, it is alright. More and more people are unilaterally changing rules without any concern or care of others as long as it works for them. Don't like the speed limit on your commuter route, don't worry, they don't apply to you, just do whatever speed makes you comfortable and damn the other guy. Don't want that used bag of McDonalds to stink up your car, that's okay, just put it out the window.

As for my most recent run-in with a rule breaker I did get support from friends the next day saying I had done the right thing. But, the rule-breaker-potty-mouth will continue to break the rules (including the one I tried to break her of) and claim that she would have stopped had I not been rude about it. Hmm...I think not.

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