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Monday, March 15, 2010

Breakfast Club

This morning I watched The Breakfast Club with my niece, Ashley. She turned 14 yesterday...Happy Birthday Ashley!  If you have never seen it, I recommend it. If you are no longer 'school aged' you should recall your high school experience. If you are still in school, you should recognize some of the happenings that are depicted, even though it was filmed in 1984, yeah I know, but some of the older movies are the best. If you have kids in school, I think it is good for them as well, with one caveat, the language is a little strong at times (although compared to some of the movies these days, maybe I am just being 'prudish'.

Anyway, when I first watched The Breakfast Club I felt like I related to the Ally Sheedy character (although I would never have gone, on  my own to detention). At the point that movie was released I had already been out of college, but I still had issues with going places on my own, heck, wanna honesty here? I still do. I probably always will.  Introverted (shy, withdrawn, timid, reticent, reclusive) people have it the hardest in the world, I believe.

I am sure you remember your high school days (and if you don't I mean, I am sure you remember your high school DAZE).  Which were you, The princess, the jock, the criminal, the brain or the basket case?  Go on, think....remember. Which one are you now???

Have Fun Searching!

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