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Friday, March 12, 2010

Girl Scouts Day

Today is Girl Scout Day. On this day in 1912, Juliet Gordon-Lowe found 18 girls from her neighborhood in Savannah, GA and founded the Girl Scouts. As a graduate of the Girl Scouts I feel a little nostalgic for my old GS Pals. Finding them have been easier with Facebook, Classmates and many other social networking sites, but, for some reason others friends are still hard to find.  If you happen upon this site and think my name sounds familiar, contact me!!!!

In 1976, my Girl Scout troop took a trip. We took a bus from DC to Disneyworld in Orlando, then to Juliet Lowe's birthplace in Savannah and then to Six Flags Over Georgia. At the time 6-flags was a much more fun park because of the unlimited rides, where Disneyworld worked on a ticket to ride system.

I recall something about horseback riding, allegedly passing out on Space Mountain, and crashing on the bus and hearing the girls giggle while taking my picture...I had a lot of fun with my friends, Pam, Vanessa, Carla, Deborah and all the rest that I cannot exactly recall their names right now off the top of my head, give me a pic and I may be able to tell you their names.

I think I will do just that, find some pics of the trip and post them....

Have Fun Searching!

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