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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Grandma's Beaus

Today I added a ring that belonged to my grandmother. She just loved to accessorize. This ring is so pretty I picture it as a gift from one of her beaus.

This picture makes it look like the center stone is a blackish color when, in reality, it is a pretty light blue/aqua color. Someone told me that it was aquamarine, but it could also be blue topaz, or just glass. But it doesn't matter what it is made of.  Pretty is Pretty.

Grandma was a woman ahead of her time. You may know (from previous tales here) that my grandmother was the first female bus driver the city of Syracuse, NY ever hired. But what you may not know, is that she also drove trolleys in Philadelphia, locomotives, fire trucks (front and back end) and to round out her transportation experience, she and grandpa were a husband and wife cross-country truck driving team.  She was such a colorful character. Now, being older, I wish she were still around to relay some of her exploits. 

I have found some old letters that she received from admirers including her ex-husband, her future husband, other bus drivers, and riders alike. If she received letters, I can image she received gifts as well. And why shouldn't she. She was a very friendly and everyone loved her!

Thanks for reading! 

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