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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Acrylic Teardrop Pendant

When I started working on this product I thought about St. Patrick's Day! It is the perfect color to show off the wearing of the green. Actually you can't see it, it almost looks blue here but it is really a deep emerald green. This was one of Mom's favorites. It isn't as old as some of the things that I have, but it is still pushing 30 (like the rest of us HandMeDowns here).

Do you remember (way back when) when people really took pride in how they looked. Am I spending too much time at Wallyworld? Each morning you choose out a dress, suit or blouse and slacks and then go to the jewelry box. Which necklace shall I wear? What earrings? Shall I do a bracelet or not. Let's all take an oath to try and up the ante a bit and slip on that great Sarah Coventry emerald green acrylic teardrop pendant necklace. It will brighten up your face and maybe brighten up someone else's face as well.

Thanks Mom for having so many vintage items to offer here they bring back memories for me, and maybe for someone else as well.

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