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Monday, March 1, 2010

page updates

Today is March 1st. Today I flipped out.  I deleted my New for February out for March Madness featured products. I am trying to find some interesting things to feature for the month.

I have featured a pair of Aquamarine studs (which the picture stinks, I need to change it out) in honor of the birthstone of March; A pair of Emerald Green Rhinestone studs in honor of St. Patrick's Day and a gnome under an umbrella, in honor of spring.

I have been reaching out to 'old' people the past few days. Well, they aren't old, I mean they are old friends. I just love going to facebook or classmates or even just google and typing in someone's name and finding someone. It is very interesting to reconnect with someone you haven't been in touch with for five, ten or even 40 years! Hi to my new old friends I have remet in the last couple of weeks, Laura, Margaret, Tracy, Sheri. Hey, is there anyone on your friend list I might have known?
Have Fun Searching!

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