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Sunday, February 28, 2010


I just found another old friend on Facebook. Well, in reality, Tracy was closer to my little sister's age and her sister, Sheri, was my age. I am friending Sheri now (I hope). Our mothers were friends playing Bunco. We also were in a baton twirling club called The Rangerette Drum and Majorette Corps. We were majorettes. I was 9ish, Debi was 8ish, Kristi would have been almost 3. We also had two cousins living with us Judy and Cathi who were 16 and 15. Cathi was a majorette, but Judy was not (I think she was too old). Mom made the uniforms and many of them are still stored in the garage with all of the other memorabilia and HandMeDowns (some currently avalable online).

I sent a picture of Tracy and Kristi as Junior Majorettes and Kristi does not remember the times much at all. She does not remember Tracy, Sheri or brother Doug but she does remember the names. I remember very little, but the more we message back and forth the more I remember.

If you haven't browsed through those old photo albums (or boxes like me) lately, I recommend you grab a handful and remember some old times. Maybe tomorrow you will run into one of those old friends and remember what friendships were intended to be...

Have Fun Searching!

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