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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break

I have been a bad blogger...I wanted to post everyday and here I am, barely a month in and I have been slacking. To go along with the rest of the world, I offer an excuse, well, at least for the past couple of weeks. Dog/House sitting and my sister came to visit (see Kiki you are good for something...a great excuse)

For the past 9 days I have been 'bebe' sitting. Bosco and Lilly are cute puppies of the Bassett Hound persuasion. It is a great side job to have, especially if you can adapt to your surroundings easily. Even though I have done this four or five times for these people, I still hear noises in the house that freak me out. Last night I could have sworn I heard an explosion within a block of the house, there was a boom and the house shook and creaked. Yet, when I got up in the morning, there was no news of the hospital blowing up or any other noise filled event. Oh, well, I guess that is the way to go...Wait, I think I will visit the site to check out local earthquakes!

Sissy, KIKI, came to visit for spring break from Mississippi with her clan. I believe fun was had by all...We visited the Carl Sandburg House in Flat Rock and, although the tour was interesting, the barn was a big hit. We walked to the barn from the house and the goats (Nubian style) were in the field. As soon as one of them saw that people were around, they all high-tailed it to the barn for a visit. Other than their squat-where-ever-you-want-when-ever-you-want-even-if-your-foot-is-in-the-way-hope-you-are-wearing-rubber-boots attititude, they were just like dogs.

Other than shopping at the mall (whoo-hoo), movies, DQ and a trip to Fun Depot in Asheville was on the agenda. Fun Depot's Go-Carts were the hit of the trip I think. A loved it, I guess because she it 14 and ready to take driver's ed (yes, in Mississippi, 14 year olds can take driver's ed-ahhhhh) and the go-carts tickled her itch for driving.

Well, I should sign off, only because this seems to be getting quite long and I don't want to bore to too much. I will do my best to return tomorrow...Yes, I have to remember to try and find out what happened last night with that blast...

Have Fun Searching!

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