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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Last week, while sitting on my little sofa, a poem started up in my head. It involved my kitty, Lizzie and I finished it in a little under an hour. Well, the first version. It occurred to me that there was a writing contest with a deadline drawing near. The 'rules' say the poem had to be a certain length and I had to shave off a few stanzas. Poetry is harder and easier than poets let on.  Does that make sense??

There are hundreds of popular poets in history and hundreds of thousand of other poets, published and unpublished.

Today, at, I have put on special a memoir of Cowper including illustrations of favorite places and selected works. I personally like Cowper's The Retired Cat, which is not in this collection, but was the reason I picked up this volume in the first place. Please take a look at Cowper's Illustrated.

Who are your favorites. Giesel? Frost? Hughes, Silverstein? Crane, Cummings? Wordsworth, Angelou? Yeats, Wilde? So many. So many.

Have Fun Searching!

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