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Saturday, April 24, 2010


This blog entry has nothing to do with my past. It has nothing to do with my webstore or vintage items. Today, I am talking about President Barak Obama.

I generally do not discuss politics in public, first, because, apparently, I do not have a loud enough voice to get my opinion heard and secondly, there are too many people out there that believe their opinion is the only opinion that could be right. I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion and if we all listen and then combine these opinions, maybe a solution to a problem or issue would be solved.

Earlier this week we, residents of western North Carolina, were informed that President and Mrs. Obama would be visiting us here in Asheville. I was thrilled. Mom was thrilled. Not because we would be able to actually meet him, or even see him from a distance, but, geez, it is the PRESIDENT.

Unfortunately, we were inundated with negative Obama propaganda from everywhere and from nearly everyone. I was disappointed in my WNC neighbors. I was sad. Many of my peers posted on the wall at Facebook about how NOT happy they are that the Obama's were coming to town. Many wished they would spend their money and quickly go away. Blaming him for EVERYTHING that is wrong with America today.

I do not believe that HE is the reason for what is wrong with the United States of America. I believe that what is wrong with US is the negativity that has blanketed the country. The dark feelings that won't go away. Everyone...Please...Stop throwing negative vibes. Be a Pollyanna. Do not dwell on the things that cannot be changed by you. Dwell only on things you can do about your surroundings.

The President is the President and there is nothing that can be done about this for another couple of years. So stop increasing your blood pressure and replant that garden out back, kick up your heels and rock back on that chair and enjoy life as you live it.

I have ranted enough....Honestly, I wanted to talk about my trip to the airport yesterday but I guess it will wait until tomorrow....Enjoy the Day!

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  1. I didn't know that Patti was going to talk about this subject...Kudos to you Patti, you said it very well. My heartfelt feelings are.... My President, I voted for the Man, not because I am a Democrat but because I felt a sense that maybe this change would be for the better....I still believe it and will wait and see. I cannot change anything, and most of my representatives to the Gov't do not listen to me.....Good men and women can change things given time. God Bless My America!!!!!