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Saturday, April 17, 2010

In history, Benjamin Franklin died on this day. I was always intrigued by Mr. Franklin. I mean really, look at his face, doesn't it just make you want to reach out your hand and ask to join him and chat the evening away? I am going to just list a few of the things Benjamin Franklin is credited with and see how that fills a blog page.

Lightning Rod; Glass Armonica; Franklin Stove; Bifocal Glasses; Flexible Urinary Catheter; Charted and Named The Gulf Stream (assisted by cousin, Timothy Folger); Worked in Sciences including Wave Theory of Light; Meteorology; Refrigeration; Electricity; Heat Conductivity; Oceanography;

He was a musician: Violin, Harp, Guitar, Glass Harmonica; Composed music/String Quartet in Early Classical Style; An avid Chess Player: Wrote Moral of Chess, Dec, 1786, Columbian Magazine. Used Ches to learn Italian.  Inducted into the US Chess hall of Fame, 1999. And he founded or Created: American Philosophical Society; Union Fire Company; Anti-Counterfeiting Techniques; Pennsylvania Hospital (first in US); Pennsylvania Militia.

He was also President of The Academy and College of Philadelphia (University of Pennsylvania), a Councilman, a Justice of the Peace in Philadelphia; Pennsylvania Assemblyman; a Joint Deputy Postmaster General of North America; he headed Pennsylvania delegation to the Albany Congress; member of the Society for the Encouragment of Arts and Manufactures & Commerce (Royal Society of Arts); a Member Club of Honest Whigs; received an Honorary Doctor of Laws from University of St Andrews and Freedom of the Borough of St Andrews in Edinburgh and an Honorary doctorate, scientific accomplishments, Oxford University.

Okay, I guess I could go on, but it looks like it is getting long, so, Just take my word for it, he was VERY versatile.  He is one man I would like to go back in history to meet...How about you?

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  1. WOW. I knew he was good but when you put it on paper WOW comes to mind....How did he have enough time to do all this? Makes one look more closely at the waste of time in ones life...guess I should get off the sofa and away from the computer....