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Friday, April 16, 2010


My grandmother collected just about everything. Dolls, cats (figurine and live) dogs, hat, earrings, and salt and pepper sets, just to name a few. When she came to stay with us, I went up with my mom and helped to load her things into a U-Haul to bring down to a shed on The Little Retreat property, where we lived. In this shed we ended up with decades of her collectings. Among the boxes were her salt an pepper sets. 

There were animals and buildings and people and things. I would love to visit her and try to see if I could find the new additions to the 12 foot long shelves (there must have been at least 5 of them on that one wall in her living room, or was it the dining room, no, the kitchen? Oh wait, it was each of these depending on the year.) I loved looking at these delicate little household necessities that so many people take for granted. 

Back in the 90's we sold her things at auction to settle her 'estate'. I look back and cringe at the steals everyone got then. I wish I had them now to share with you all that would give them good homes.  I have, however, found a few treasures like this cute set. It is sort of barrel shaped with a cute dachshund on the side bending all the way around and greeting himself with a Hi 'Stranger'. This little find can be found at HandMeDownHaven along with other little household glass, ceramic and plastic vintage pieces. Come take a look, maybe you will see something that will bring back a memory of your grandmother...If not, maybe I have it, just waiting in the wings for you. 'Til then...

Have Fun Searching

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