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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Did you ever have a favorite lunch box? I don't remember what my lunch boxes were...brown bags. I don't recall having a lunch box. I do remember drooling over them at the store but mom was practical. She knew (maybe she learned from experience before my memory) that more often than not, the lunch box would not make it home on the same day it went to school. Lunch bags were safer.

If I had been able to have a lunch box. I would have wanted the Starsky & Hutch. I LOVED Starsky and Hutch. Well, I loved Hutch. Debi loved Starsky (sorry Debi, I couldn't help but drag you into this convo).   What wasn't great about that show? Huggy Bear, Cap'in, the music....And the CAR! The Striped Tomato.

Where are the cool cars now? Where are the cool lunch boxes now? Well, many are on ebay where, depending on the subject can run you anywhere from $1 to $2k. I wonder how much my vintage brown paper bag would go for.

Have Fun Searching!

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