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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Old Photo

Late in the night, I believe I heard a noise and got out of bed. I opened the bedroom door and went into the living room. It is mostly dark there and the only thing that I could see was the digital frame on the table in the corner. The photo displayed was of my great great grandparents, my great grandfather and my great aunts and uncle.

This picture was fun to find in my grandmother's trunk because it looks like the 'typical' old photograph.  Parents were seated at a lace draped table with the children standing behind. I am curious as to know where the picture was taken. Was it their home? A studio? A friend's home? The photographer's home? Oh, well, I'll never know.

Also in this pic, on the table is a book (I presume the bible and wonder were it is now) and a photograph. It is very hard to see but it appears to be of two people. I recall hearing that photos of recently departed family members were often placed in the picture in honor. My problem is that I haven't discovered who it might be.

This week I will begin a search.....

Have Fun Searching (I know I will)

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