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Monday, April 12, 2010

I wonder

Have you ever wondered how people gather so much stuff?

I am a collector, Mom is a collector, Kiki is a collector, Debs isn't, Grandma was a collector. Hey, what happened to D? Anyway, I see the collecting thing. Mom likes blue glass and collects it. Kiki likes elephants, collects them (the figurines, not the breathing kind, but if one were offered to her, I am sure she would probably move her swimming pool to accomodate!)

I have some things that have been handed down and I don't know why family members ever had them.

For instance, this little box. It is about the size of a cigarette case, so I could see someone buying it for that. It appears to never have been used. It was made in Germany in the 1920's. How would someone from my family get something like this? I don't get it. I wish I did. It looks like it would have a really neat story. I am going to see what I can find out....

Have Fun Searching!

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