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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


In honor of Poetry Day, I offer another no sales pressure day. Enjoy:

There once was a mom with three kids,
With a rule that strictly forbids,
They grew up so fine,
Oh yes they did whine,
And now they are glad that she dids.

Ashley girl with eyes of blue,
Soon they’ll have their eyes on you.
Boys with cars,
Boys in bars,
Much to your parents ado.

There was a boy named Dandy Don
Who loved to work and mow his lawn
He snipped the grass
Oh, no, alas
His foot is now foregone.

Little Kyle from Mississippi,
Why are you so hippie chippy?
Is it the peas?
Or grits’n cheese?
Or just ‘cause your from ‘sippi?

Magnolia tree out in the yard.
Trunk so old it’s very marred.
A little push,
From my wee tush,
Would catch you so off guard

Okay, so this isn't a no sales pressure, it's low pressure. Shop today...10% discount is back into effect for May!!1

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