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Thursday, April 29, 2010

May and Spring Cleaning

I have undertaken a large, um, undertaking.  I have begun cleaning and reorganizing my warehouse.  I knew it was going to be challenging I hope that it does not begin to be too overwhelming. I guess it helps that it was still slightly organized from the start up. I can hardly wait until it is finished. Just the look of everything straight, shiny, like things together. It is so easy to find everything.

May is just around the corner and will all the flowers that I have seen in the past month, I wonder what May Flowers are going to bring (besides pilgrims, haha, hehe) to my eyes. April has shown Crocus, Hyacinth, Jonquil and Daffodil, Tulips, Azalea, fruit tree blossoms and Dandy-lions!

In this area, Mountain Laurel pink, pink, red, purple, white and yellow Rhododendron, violet Violets and pink and white Magnolia, Orange Flame Azalea and Japonica pink will be coloring the landscape all around. We here in the mountains are very grateful to Mother Nature for providing such a wonderful array of colors for us to espy everywhere.

There are so many flowers and colors, I just don't know which is my favorite.  What's Yours?

Have Fun Searching!

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