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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Friends-Silver and Gold

Have you ever run into an old friend you have never met? 

Yesterday, Mom and I were trekking through all of our local home improvement stores, and, at the last one, Lowes (the friendly one) our cashier was named Debora turned out to be from upstate New York...the real upstate New York. Not the 'upstate' NYC thinks is upstate, but the  Utica/Rome/Syracuse area.  Mom grew up in the area and every summer we return for a "family reunion".  

Mom's best friend when we owned The Little Retreat in southern Virginia had purchased a little motel (Slagle's) the same month that we purchased. Mom grew up in the Syracuse/Camden area and Vita was from Utica. They were bonded friends for life.

We stood at Debora's checkout line for quite some time talking about Mom's friends, Debora's friends and friends of friends. Who she knew, who Mom knows and who they may both know. 6 Degrees of Separation, you know.

So, Hi to our new friend Debora! We are off to scour the area for more friends that we have never met....Have Fun Searching!  (I know we will!)

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