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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is two weeks away. Do you have a favorite gift you have given or received? Maybe this will give you an idea...

I recall a piece of history that my mother has been keeping for longer than she has technically been a mom.

My parents were married at the end of March, and, as my mother jokes, she was very fertile.  By the middle of May, Mom and Dad knew they were to be parents, and, (because, they knew it was me, tee hee) they were thrilled. Dad went out and bought his wife a Mother's Day card.  The front of the card was a drawing of a woman in a maternity dress...Above her was just one word "Really..." Inside read: "Some people will do anything to get a card!"

Mom still has that card today. Every once in a while we stumble across it and we get a good laugh, it is very 60's.

Does your mom have a 'pre' mother's day card from your dad? Maybe they do...

Have Fun Searching!

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