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Monday, May 3, 2010


MADD was founded 30 years ago and DARE, 25. Since the 80's both of these programs work with the schools to teach students about the dangers of driving while impaired; underage drinking; use of drugs, illegal and prescription; gangs and violence. A very large undertaking, in my opinion. 

When I was in school there was no MADD; there was no DARE. But I do recall, an assembly of the fifth grade (I think) to show us a film on drugs. The only thing that I recall is that the 'special effects' that were used to simulate an LSD trip were awesome. That particular film really wouldn't discourage 13 year olds to not do drugs. Sadly, I don't remember anything else in the film. Although I didn't do drugs or drink, I can't say for my classmates.  I hope that the current programs of DARE and MADD have better discouragements. But underage drinking seems to be more 'popular' than ever. Will we ever not need programs like these? Maybe. I don't think so, unfortunately.

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