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Saturday, May 8, 2010


The day was beautiful. It started out as a pink stripe across beyond the mountain tops. It soon grew to purple and indigo and every color in between. Suddenly, a first sliver of the orange peeked out from the top of the mountains. Seconds pass and the sliver becomes a slice and soon becomes a semi-circle. A moment since the orange peeked, the sliver had turned into an orb. A glowing orange orb. The Sun.

As the sun has shed light upon this little part of the world, she reveals cotton below her, below the mountain tops, below me. I am sitting on top of the world. I am above the clouds. The sky has turned the baby blue the sky is best remembered. The covering of the mountains appears to be black, but I know them to be green. Spring green with a splash of pine. Below them, the fluffy clouds drift below be within the walls of the valley. They seem substantial, like I could walk upon them springy as acres of marshmallows.

Sadly, I know, they are not viewed by all this way. To some, my precious cotton candy clouds are fog. Creating havoc for rush-here-rush-there drivers. If they saw the clouds from here, maybe the drive through them would feel more like a cozy quilt enveloping them in happiness. From here, I want to be cuddling within their folds.

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