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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Little House

Today is the anniversary of Melissa Gilbert's birthday. She is 46, 6 months younger than me and 6 months older than my sis.

I don't know if I have mentioned this, HAHA, but I LOVE Little House on the Prairie. Everything you ever needed to learn you can learn from Laura, Mary Carrie (Yeah, right), and their friends, Andrew, Karl, John Jr, Alicia, Albert, Willie and Nellie, Nancy, and all of the guest stars you could want.

I took a trip with Ma and baby sister Kiki to Walnut Grove, Minnesota. I was quite disappointed that they only spent a total of about 5 years here. At this point, I learned the definition of the phrase, artistic license. It did not stop me from liking the TV program and, when I just need a little background noise. Little House is popped onto the TV.

I have read a couple of the books. I had a small problem at the time relating to is as they were written toward a younger child. I think I may try again. I could probably flip through one in a day or two. I wish I hadn't gotten rid of my copies. I also understand that there is an unpublished autobiography...I think I would love to read that as well. I see that it is quoted on Wikipedia, how did they get to read it if it is unpublished...hmmm...Time to...

Have Fun Searching!

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