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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I have been slacking a bit, I have missed a couple of days, I am sorry. I think I have a bit of writer’s block. Maybe I am over worked (haha).  I have been busy planting and unplanting. I popped in a couple dozen flower bulbs and some ground cover roots, also three bushies…Cosmos and Gayfeather, Wigelia and Butterfly Bushes. Maybe I am tired.

My neighbor installed a tire swing for his little kid. To be honest, I think that he installed it for himself and his friends. The last tire swing we had looked like a horse, I don’t think we actually ever hung it, but Dad picked it up somewhere and was totally enthralled with it. Our swing set was down in the back corner of the back yard, it was next to our mimosa… what a great tree!

Although we used the swing set, generally, we just played. We had the big yard, a lot that never got a house. Our side yard was the place to be. Red Light, Green Light, Red Rover, Swinging Statues, Sardines, ALL of the great kids games that you don’t hear being played anymore. Now, kids play Mario Carts or Lego Star Wars. Sigh,

Our house was on a cul-de-sac so we had the greatest baseball area, (here comes a car, Gee, is this grand central station or something?) Scott John, you’re up!

Where are those pictures…I’ll be right back…
Have Fun Searching!!!


  1. Patti, those were fun times. Your parents were good sports to let all the neighborhood kids use your yard. I also remember alot of wiffle ball games. And alot of hiding in your goldenrod bushes on the side of your house.

  2. Tennisball Baseball!!!!! Capture the Flag!!

    And, nowadays, you can explain to kids what swinging statues is, but none can partake because none know how to stand still for more than 10 seconds!!!

  3. Grace, Do you remember the year that Mom chopped all those golden forsythia bushes down to the nub? Me either. Apparently they came back the next spring just as pretty, but not as big.