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Friday, May 28, 2010

Treasure Hunters

The other day, Mom and I headed over to the local Quality Inn and participated in the “Treasure Hunters Roadshow” event. We brought a couple of items – a vase, a watch and a rosary- to see what they had to see. The ad (and the pamphlet they give out while you wait) states you can walk out with a check.

Well, they ‘don’t have any buyers’ for the vase (not very well marked so value is hard to establish), the Sterling Silver watch would have a small value, but would probably be more a sentimental piece, also they don’t see much call for that type of watch. And the rosary, could bring a little tippence, just as a costume jewelry/novelty item. Needless to say we did not walk out with a check. I believe they were generally just looking for coins and gold.

We met some interesting people while waiting, one couple had an old opium pipe, an 1863 newspaper. Another man had what he had been told was a solid gold trumpet. We also saw people with books, dolls, chairs, miniatures and a variety of other things.

The lady we spoke with was very interested when we told her about our old coins that we had been collecting. With this card, you can come straight to the head of the line. Bring them in, she urged. They seemed super eager to get their hands on these items.

It makes me wonder what they will be doing with all of these old coins. Will they me melted down or passed on to collectors? It makes me wonder. I am on the hunt for more information. I don’t like the idea of melting a piece of ‘history’ even if it is just mine.

On my way…
Have Fun Searching.

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