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Friday, May 28, 2010

Cell phones and chatting

Today, people look so needed and busy. Always talking on the phone. Walking and talking. Driving and talking. Eating and talking. What are they all talking about? What is so important that can’t wait until they get to the office or home or wherever?

What ever did we do with our time back in the 80’s, 70’s, 60’s, oh, heck, you get the point.  I frequently watch people get in their car and open their phones. Sometimes, everyone in the car. Back then, when you got into the car, you turned on the radio (not too loudly) and chat with each other…each other in the car.

For long rides, the family played games. Do people play games on long driving trips still? Our favorite was the Alphabet Game. Sometimes the License Plate Game or Eye Spy, which is hard in a car because the espied item could sometimes be gone too quickly, or you would run out of spyable things in the small car.

I do have a cell phone. If I get one call a month on it, I would be surprised. I rarely call out either. And on long trips, I still play the Alphabet Game, even by myself.

Tell me, what are you talking about?

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