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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cool Pool

On this nice day honoring swimming, I recall a time, a few years back when we lived within walking distance of a pool. It seems odd now that I would be under the age of 8 and be allowed to walk to the pool 'alone'.  I wasn't really alone, 'all of us kids' would go down there, basically together, but we would be without adult supervision. Either we were, OR I have erased the older person from my memory.

I do vividly remember once walking across a field of stones in bare feet. Ow, that was really HOT! But, going to the pool was cool. I even think I remember my bathing suit, well, it might be one of those photographic memories. My bathing suit was white on the top brown on the bottom, cut at the diagonal from right hip to left shoulder.

Going to the pool was cool. The pool was cool and blue-green. The lifeguards, blowing whistles when it was time to get out and rest and only people over 16 could get in the pool.  Having a dollar for a treat from the snack bar for me and my sister for those pool breaks.

Nowadays, kids can't walk anywhere for fear of being...(let's just say) taken. Not even 2000 feet, four blocks, to a cool pool, to enjoy some time in the water with friends.

How sad because those times were great. The walk, the great responsibility given to me to be able to walk to the end of the road to the pool. To come home when it was time, to spend the treat money fairly, to have fun.

I wonder if that pool is still there. Google Maps, Here I come...
Have Fun Searching

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