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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Take Your Dog to Work Day

I used to work at a place that everyday was take your dog to work day. Abbey and Hannah are regulars to the office. Occasionally, Sandy would pop in and say "Hi". 

Abbey is a Yorkie-Poo and her Mom is Michele. Hannah is a Maltese who lives with her mom Anne. And, Sandy, a little apricot Teacup Poodle who lives with Abbey's Grandma, Margaret. 

I wrote a story about Abbey once.  About how she liked lunch time, how she would flit from desk to desk looking for samples.  How she liked to hop up and down to ask for a walk. How she hated when the water cooler got switched to full and it bubbled down, glub-glub-glub. How she hated the UPS guy (or anyone) who used a dolly. How the neighbor dog, Ginger, would trespass on “Abbey’s deck”. She still makes me laugh.

Earlier, I mentioned Hannah, Hannah is a cute little dog who would come to work with her mama and sit in her little watermelon bed or the back of mama’s chair and sleep most of the day.  Now, Sandy, Sandy is a little 'mother'. For instance, when someone sneezed, no matter if she was asleep all the way across the building, she would run to make sure they were okay, need to get on their lap and give them a kiss. 

I sure do miss those old co-workers of mine, Sandy, Hannah and most of all, Abbey. (Oh, yes of course, Margaret, Michele and Anne, Too!!!)

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