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Monday, June 28, 2010


Recently, we bought a Wii. We initially bought it to buy the interesting-idea Wii Fit ‘game’. It just looked like a really good idea. Unfortunately, the Fit was not in stock and it took us nearly 6 weeks to find one in stock. Now we are loving it. “Best thing since sliced bread”.

Back in the olden days, (back before I was olden) we didn’t need a special machine to to exercise with (I know, improper English, whatever) exercise with. I blame that on Jane Fonda and VCRs. Anyway, we only needed one program, girls, sing it with me…

Exercise, exercise, Come on everybody do your exercise, and Freeze.

Wonderama was a program I remember loving way back when. I think it was on channel 21 (?) and there was a guy that kinda looked like Captain Kangaroo, (I don’t remember his name) and he had a bunch of kids in stadium like stands. I think the point of the “show” was to introduce the Saturday Morning and after school programs. And between the featured shows, he would get the kids active, like “Exercise”. While we were singing, we would get up and dance around/exercise, and, of course, when the song yelled ‘Freeze’ you froze. On the TV, the kids would freeze and be statues for like 30 seconds.  Then the song would start up again.

I miss being a kid…I miss Saturday morning TV…I miss after school TV.  They don’t do it like that anymore…

I think I am going to hit Wikipedia…
Have Fun Searching!

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  1. I have been reminded that the program ran on channel 5 WTTG-TV through Washington DC.