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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


When I was a kid, I used to complain about being bored. I still do. But now, looking back, was it really boredom? Is it boredom now? I have so much to do, so many projects going and yet, I find myself staring at the wall or the TV set airing reruns I have seen dozens of times thinking to myself, "I'm bored."

Kids today are also complaining about boredom. I wish there were another word that could be used. My problem might be too many projects that seem overwhelming and unending. Reorganizing storerooms, adding inventory, retaking photographs, writing, transcribing genealogy, trimming bursting computer files. In the words of the famously smart Charlie Brown "AARRGGHH!"

Why are kids today bored? They have those wonderful game consoles-the ones attached to the television and the handheld ones(that we didn't have); nearly a thousand stations on the TV (we only had 5 or so); VCR's/DVD/BlueRays or whatever movies are shown on these days (which we didn't have) and they have scads of books written just for them (we had some, but not the variety they have now!). Boredom, what a dumb word.

Let's come up with another one instead. Any Ideas?

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