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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


It is amazing how difficult decisions are to make.

First, you have to decide to if there should be a decision put on the table to have a decision made. Next, the deciding. This is especially hard if there are more people involved than one. But that hardly is ever the issue. Even if one person is the only one voting, there are others to consider that do not have a vote.

Some people use the written pro/con list as the way to go. Others just just like to talk everything out. There are the feelings of the person(s) making the decision. The feelings of the third party people that don't have a vote but will be effected that need to be considered. Then there are the hidden problems. I don't know, they are called hidden problems 'cause you can't even think about what they may be, stop freaking me out. I am stressed enough as it is.

I have never been good at making decisions. I just am always afraid I will make the wrong one. Once, I decided to eat at a particular place, turned out, they were out of most everything and everyone with me was upset. See what happens.

Shall I leave it up to fate? Drat, that's a decision too!

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