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Saturday, August 14, 2010


I was reminded yesterday of an event that took place during my first year of college and I giggled.

On an outing with my UofM Freshman Camp group we were headed...somewhere. Now, SOOO many years later, I can't even remember where we were going or what we were planning on doing. But there was a two car convoy, it was dusk, cell phones were not prevalent.

I have the feeling that I was driving one vehicle (Mom's van?) and Mike T. was driving his white pick-up truck. While driving on the highway, we lost Mike. We decided to turn around and try and meet up with him at the exit we felt we had gotten separated at.  When half way through the loop someone said, someone is following us. Apparently, we had not lost Mike, he was right behind us the whole way. In order to get back on track. Our two car caravan did the entire four-loop cloverleaf interchange to get back on 35W.

We cracked up the whole time. When we reached our destination. We were confronted with confusion from Mike and his passengers for the detour. Needless to say, no one heard anything that anyone had to say with 10-12 people talking at the same time.

I have often wondered what happened to my Freshman Camp friends. I look them up occasionally and have found a few, but not as many as I would like. Oh, what fun it would be to get together 30 (help, I think I am Hyperventilating!) years later.

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