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Friday, August 6, 2010

Writing Roots

I would like to take a moment to recall the first time I remember "writing". There are two and I can't recall which came first.

ONE: Laying on the front lawn at my friend's house in the summertime. I can't recall either of my sisters there but for some reason I remember Kristina, Grace, and Val there. We were writing a story. I can't believe that they all were there, but that is what memories are all about. They are subjective. I don't remember what we were writing, but I am pretty sure it was fiction. I don't think I have a copy of this fictional story, I wonder if they do?

TWO: My friend Laura and I wrote an article on at dinosaur bone find in the US (I think). It made it in the paper and I know I have a copy of that. I always wondered if I could say I was a published writer because of this innocuous article. I guess since it makes me feel better, then I can.

You all thought this blogging stuff was just something I do now. Now you know, there are writing roots here. I just wish I could harness it into something 'worthwhile'. Hope you enjoy reading, I sure do enjoy writing.

See Ya Later!

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