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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gold Friends, Silver Friends

I know I am not the only person out there that has wondered what ever happened to John or Sharon or Bill or Michelle or Pam. There would not be a, or or maybe even the Internet as big as it it.

Finding old male friends is a lot easier than the female for two reasons. One, they generally keep the same last name their entire lives. Unless of course they are running from the law or the mob or an ex. Secondly, women seem to be a little more cautious.

Too many bad things have happened to women when the open up and tell all. Some may think this is a sexist thing to say, but I believe it to be truth. Okay, maybe equal amounts of bad things happen along the gender line, but the things that happen to women seem to be talked about and exaggerated more than the male horror stories.

How many old wives tales (see there you go, they are not called old husband's tales) are there about an axe murderer hiding in the backseat of a car that a woman is driving. Now, how many with male drivers? Female hitchhikers being murdered? Male hitchhikers? Women stalked by men compared to men stalked by women?

Unfortunately, the Internet has dangled the carrot of wanting to catch up with old friends, making new friends and learning. While at the same time, offered a playground for mean, bad moralled and downright evil people (male and female). But should we be too afraid to live in this new digital age to not use the all of the tools to remain in touch with friends across the globe? We have invented this new tool let us use it for all it is worth and flood it with good intentions so much that maybe evil will drown.

PS-If you know me, don't be afraid to get in touch!

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