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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Yesterday, I went home and so much had changed. It sounds like I had been away for years, months, but it had only been a few days, well, maybe you can't count the overnight I spent 'between jobs', so just over a week.

One change I noticed was the big pot of marigolds at the front stoop. We bought them last year in a flower/green mix pot. I didn't think anything of them at the time but yesterday, I saw them and thought of my friends from Princess Anne Lane.

It seemed like every year, Grace, Kristina, Val and DeeDee always planted marigolds out in their front yard. Some were yellow, some red, but for some reason I remember the majority being the red and gold mix. I guess there was something about multi-colored flowers that attracted my attention. They said the flowers helped to keep mosquitoes down. I just thought they were pretty. It seems to me that their front yard was the only place I remember marigolds. And even now, there don't seem to be many places they are planted.

It is funny how a memory that has been stored away in the filing cabinet called your brain works, isn't it.

PS: Hi girls, it has been fun catching up with you all and hope that the ties that bind are double knotted.

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