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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


If you had a “special ability” what would you want it to be. Wait, think about it. It isn’t that easy to decide. Just like all things, there are pluses and minuses to everything.
                To see the future…unless you could change it, seeing the future could be really bad. BUT, if you could change the future the you aren’t really seeing it are you?
                Flying…Yeah, you don’t have to suffer with the snoring guy in the seat next to you, the smarmy food they try and make you pay for now and no more security checkpoints. But, when you fly, you don’t have a windshield and I can’t imagine not getting bugs stuck to your face, or worse.
                To move things with your mind…now this one could work for me, I could move the furniture in the house everyday without getting tired or dropping the sofa on my toes or pulling a muscle. I suppose if you move the furniture around all the time, eventually you would lose stuff.
                To transport from one place to the other…it really has to hurt to squeeze your molecules into nothing and then back again. I mean really, when you get smaller slower by dieting, it hurts, well, kinda.

Can you think of others? 

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