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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fruitcake Weather

Today marks the 86th anniversary of the birth of Truman Streckfus Persons. Capote was sent to live with his mother relatives after his parents divorced. He spent most of his time with an aunt named Nanny Rumbley Faulk, whom he called “Sook”.

I mention this early history of Capote only because it impacts my life (somewhat). At the age of 32 Capote published a short story called A Christmas Memory.  In my early teens, my mother ‘starred’ in a one act play based on this story. She played Sook, while John Feiss (a cute guy I had a bit of a crush on) played Buddy (the character based on Capote). She practiced and practiced. When the play ‘opened’, we recorded it, for posterity.  She was a hit!

To this day, in the fall, when it begins to hit the 40’s at night, one, or both of us, proclaim “It’s fruitcake weather!” then procede to purchase the ingredients for Pumpkin Bread because that is our fruit cake!

I ran across a copy of the script and the cassette tape of the play. I wonder if we still have a cassette player to listen to it on…

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  1. Yes, I think we do, but now packed!