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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

A friend (many friends) posted on her wall that it was cold. Although the obvious did not need to be posted, it got me to thinking. I found a copy of Dean Martin's rendition of Baby, It's Cold Outside. Have you heard it lately? It really is quite a cute song, especially when it is sung as a duet.

Today, I plan on doing nothing. It is just TOOO cold. If it snowed, maybe the cold would not feel so bad. But it is a dry cold...I don't know it is supposed to sound good when they talk about the southwest having a dry heat. Oh, I guess we really want a moist cold...No, that doesn't sound good either!

I think I will just plan on sticking on some Christmas music or movies and putz around the house. Cheese dip needs to be made...oooh, I will finish crocheting my scarf while I toast my toes in front of the fireplace!!!

Friends, please, keep warm!

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