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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Have you ever thought about your past decisions? What would have been if...?  

I have thought of this quite a lot.  One decision that changed my personality was the decision to buy into a direct sales company. Pampered Chef sold cooking utensils, bakeware and other kitchen gear to its users through Kitchen Consultants. When I saw the Pampered Chef demonstration I knew I could sell the product better than the demonstrator that I watched. Amazing thought considering I could not speak to a group of more than three people. But, I did it. I signed up, I set up and I sold this great cookware. 

The other important decision that pops into my mind is one that I made the first semester of college at The U of M. I had participated in a summer weekend orientation called Freshman Camp. After the weekend, I thought it would be fun to become a 'counselor' and help other incoming freshmen. I applied and was accepted. I spent the two years studying and working with this orientation group. I still am in contact with many of them and frequently wonder where the rest of them are and what they are doing.

Each decision that a person makes changes who that person is and who they will become in the future. All decisions are important and they do change your life in one way or another even the decision on which way to drive home after work. 

What is one of the best decisions you have made in your life?

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  1. I sincerely believe the best decision I ever made was to marry my husband of almost 40 years. I believe that he helped me to become the person I am today. He had generally the same type values I had and I believe we passed the majority of them to our three girls! Dad would be so proud of all of us!