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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oldest Photo

I was reminded the other day about the age of photographs. Pictures have been a part of the world since 1825.  I wondered what the oldest photograph I have was. I found pictures from the 1930's and a few from the 1920's. I found one from 190-something (3 or 5) of one of my great grandmothers. Then, I found it.

The photo is of a family, Ma and Pa and four kids.  The back of the picture was marked with John Andrew Jenkins. After doing lots of research, I discovered he was my (paternal, maternal, paternal)  GreatGreat Grandfather. He was born in 1851. Based on the ages the kids looked, I guessed that the picture was taken between 1885 and 1889 in a little town in Iowa, still yet to be determined.

It is fun to see a picture of my father's grandfather when he was just a boy of about 11.  Do you want to see? It is at the bottom of the left column.  What is the oldest picture you have?

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