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Sunday, February 27, 2011

First Chat

We are working on moving. It is so fun going through boxes and finding all kinds of memorabilia. Today was a pack of papers from my first University of Minnesota event. I am not sure I was really considered a freshman because, although I had been accepted into The U, I had not actually started classes.

I have spoken of Freshman Camp frequently in this blog and if you want more info, scan away in my archived posts.

Today I want to talk about 'today' not 'yesterday'. Remembering the past is fun especially when you can remember the past with a friend. When I discovered these first FC papers I skimmed them with a smile on my face. I sent through a second time and picked out a couple of names and entered them into Facebook. Bingo. my first try I hit pay dirt.

It is quite a hurdle to leap over to message someone you think you know. Many times you have to go through an extended list of people. This time, Paul was the only one on the list (thanks to his name!). And luckily, he remembered me. We spent a while on Facebook chatting.

It is a bit hard to decide how much, how fast and how specific you should be on your first outing. You don't want to overwhelm your new old friend with facts and figures or to tell everything so that there isn't anything to talk about later. So the question is, How far should you go on your 'first chat'???

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