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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Okay, when did I become a creepy adult?

I admit I was never as free as my cohorts on the Lane but I don't think I could have been called a stick in the mud. Okay, maybe I was.  I guess you would have to ask them if they thought I was or not. I never imagined I would be that creepy lady peering out her blinds at the parking lot. Staring...glaring at the kids gathering on Friday night.

I caught myself doing it last night. Peering. Glaring. Wondering what kind of no good those no good kids were up to. Laughing and talking loudly as if some people weren't trying to enjoy a quiet evening on their own porch. But no, trespassing kids from another neighborhood gather where their parents peering eyes couldn't see.

You know what those kiddies are doing, right? They are practicing on becoming gangs. To sell drugs, plan robberies and chaos, Spray painting pictures, names...tags. Those water guns aren't fun, they are practice for drive-by shootings. Learning to bully with just a look. Pre-gangs are dangerous.

I was never like that. I was never in a pre-gang. Just ask Kris, Bill, Val, Grace, Debi, Sean, Carl, ScottJohn, Vicki, Kristi, Marybeth, DeeDee, Scott. Night time Sardines was just a game. TP'ing was just a little practical joke. Nothing was going on in the woods behind the neighborhood. Honest...It was just good clean fun. Not like the hoodlums outside in my parking lot.


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  1. Good Girl!!!! This is really good.
    Sorry you are having problems with the 'hood. I hope you are wrong about the kids, but I sure can see it happening and parents not aware.
    Can't wait for the next one.