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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Recently, I discovered webcam link on one of my local television stations that watch a pair of wild bald eagles that have built a nest in a Loblolly Pine at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens.  I have become obsessed with watching these eagles. They (she) have laid three eggs several days apart. I have watched the streaming video and read and participated in the live 'blog' including questions from viewers and answers from several different 'officials' from the gardens and others such as eagle experts, etc.

Being as often as I watch, I have become exasperated with reading the same questions over and over again. I am not sure I would be able to hold my sarcastic tongue after reading the same question for the twentieth time.

I have become enthralled with one question that is getting asked...Do eagles yawn. Interestingly enough this question is asked at least five times an hour. Do you know the answer? It is yes. My question would be, "Why do eagles yawn?" In humans, yes, we yawn to collect more oxygen into our lungs to oxyginate our blood and, in turn, our brains. To "wake it up".  We also yawn when we are bored. Do eagles? Do birds (and other animals for that matter) get bored? I know that they have other human characteristics like obsession. Or do they?

Is it obsession when a chipmonk returns to a plate of bird food over and over again filling its cheek pouches with seeds? Is it obsession when a dog repeatedly chases a ball when it is thrown, even when his master is tired of throwing the ball? Is that eagle obsessed with creating the perfect nest to protect his offspring?

What are you obsessed about?

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